Leadership Training

71% of Clinic Leadership Institute alumni advanced to a more senior role or position within a year of completing training; half of all these moved into executive leadership positions.
Leadership is the driving force for change. We prepare health care leaders for the challenges they face through dynamic, evidence-based, experiential training. Individually and collectively, these leaders are transforming health care. 

Our Programs

Healthforce Center offers a variety of training programs for individuals and teams working in health care.

Leadership Highlight

The CHCF Health Care Leadership Program prepares clinically trained professionals to lead California’s health care organizations.

Customized Solutions

Healthforce Center provides customized solutions tailored to your organization's unique needs.

Featured Testimonial

Clinic Leadership Institute helped bring out the leader in me that I was born to be. I learned perseverance, humility, and found my core values that ground my leadership style. A rewarding journey never to be forgotten.
Gralyn Jacques
Controller, Ravenswood Family Health Center
Clinic Leadership Institute Alumni
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