Renae Waneka, MPH

Senior Manager for People and Programs
Healthforce Center at UCSF
Photo of Renae Waneka

Renae Waneka is the senior manager for people and programs at Healthforce Center at UCSF. She oversees human resources and leadership development programs and initiatives with a focus on developing our people and programs to advance positive change in health care.

Ms. Waneka has 15 years of experience working on Healthforce Center's research, evaluation and leadership initiatives, including research and evaluation related to the nursing labor market in California, and leading the development and delivery of customized leadership initiatives for health care champions across California. In addition to her work at UCSF, she advocates for educational choice and opportunity for students in Oakland and founded a language immersion school in Oakland.

Ms. Waneka received her master's degree in public health education from the University of Minnesota.

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