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Finding a Doctor is an Ordeal for Many San Diegans (inewsource)

Jan. 02, 2017

Healthforce Center Faculty Member Janet Coffman was quoted in inewsource for her research on the shortage of doctors willing to treat Medi-Cal beneficiaries. In particular, Medi-Cal patients who live in San Diego have been hit hard: Only 50 percent of physicians said they would accept new Medi-Cal patients in 2015.

“You have many, many people competing for an appointment with the same physician,” she said.  “That’s a concern because for some diseases and conditions, time is very important; people need to see a physician as soon as they can.”

Low reimbursement provides the primary explanation for the shortage. In addition, doctors cited the complexity and disruptiveness of patients and full caseloads as reasons for why they refuse Medi-Cal beneficiaries.

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