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Job Market Lures More Physician Assistants to Specialties Over Primary Care (Medical XPress)

Mar. 30, 2016

The job market is luring more physician assistants, or PAs, to jobs in specialty care rather than primary care practices such as family medicine and general pediatrics, according to new research from Duke Health and Healthforce Center Postdoctoral Research Scholar Kristine Himmerick, PhD. 

The study, which was reported on by Medical XPress, finds that the decline could be due to a lack of job availability. In 2014, for example, only 18 percent of PA job postings were in primary care, compared with specialty positions. While policies have focused on increasing primary care PA supply, additional efforts are needed to increase labor demand via financial incentives, job-locating assistance and educational outreach.

Learn more  and get the full study here.

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