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When It Comes to Seeing a Doctor in California, the Uninsured Still Fare Worst

January 19, 2017

photo by Susan Merrell

Healthforce Center Faculty Member Janet Coffman has authored a blog post on how repealing Obamacare could affect Californians’ access to physicians. Her research found that only 55 percent of physicians in California have any uninsured patients in their practices and only 38 percent are accepting new uninsured patients. Although Medi-Cal beneficiaries are better positioned than the uninsured, they still have more difficulty finding a physician than people with private health insurance or Medicare. 

“The data show that when it comes to the likelihood of being seen by a doctor in California, people on Medi-Cal still fare far better than the uninsured,” Coffman said. 

Read the full article on the California Health Care Foundation blog.