Increasing Access to HIV Prevention Medication

by Jackie Miller Special acknowledgement to Maria Lopez for her contributions to this article. Joe Smith, a gay man previously living in Boston, moved to San Francisco two months ago and was in danger of running out of his PrEP medication to remain HIV negative. Having been on PrEP for over three years, he was about to run out after exhausting nearly all efforts to find a provider in San Francisco, until he found Mission Wellness Pharmacy.

The Newest Members of Your Care Team: Pharmacists

by Jackie Miller Lately, the rising cost of drug prices, the opioid crisis and the role of pharmacy benefit managers have dominated the headlines of pharmacy-related news. However, a slower moving, yet important, development is also taking place: the evolution of pharmacists’ roles and responsibilities. While the pharmacy profession is experiencing change, this is certainly not its first transformation. At the profession’s inception, pharmacists mostly focused on compounding and manufacturing medications.