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Supreme Court Union Ruling Could Have Significant Effect on Health Care System

Jan. 19, 2016


If the U.S. Supreme Court removes the requirement for public employees to pay "fair share service fees," the long-term ramifications could significantly change the health care delivery system, according to California Healthline.

"It could have pretty broad-reaching ramifications in health care which has been an area with strong union activity in California for years," said Healthforce Center Associate Director of Research Joanne Spetz, PhD.

"Unions in general have been strong advocates for broad access to coverage, more investments in public health and more attention to health education programs," Spetz said.

In addition to unions representing health care workers, unions representing all kinds of workers are strong advocates for health benefits for their members, Spetz pointed out. That kind of advocacy might be affected by the Supreme Court ruling.

"For many unions, health care benefits are a big part of negotiations along with policies to protect workers. If unions are weakened, that will affect those negotiations and eventually the kind of coverage and policies that come out of negotiations," Spetz said.

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