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Staffing Changes Before and After Mandated Nurse-to-Patient Ratios in California’s Hospitals

California is the first state to mandate specific nurse-to-patient ratios in general acute care hospitals. These ratios went into effect January 1, 2004 and apply "at all times". Little is known...

Author(s): Teresa Seratt, Charlene Harrington, Joanne Spetz, Mary Blegen
Date: Aug. 01, 2011

Franklin Square Hospital Center—Medication Safety Initiative Empowers Medical Assistants

Concern about medication errors inspired Franklin Square Hospital Center to develop a medication safety training program for medical assistants. This initiative empowered medical assistants to think...

Author(s): Lisel Blash, Catherine Dower, Susan A. Chapman
Source: Healthforce Center at UCSF
Date: Jul. 27, 2011

Workforce Collaborative Trains Medical Assistants to Enhance Care at Community Health Centers

The Central Massachusetts Community Health Center Partnership (CMCHCP) is a collaborative effort of employers and training centers intended to address the workforce needs of Worcester area community...

Author(s): Lisel Blash, Susan A. Chapman, Catherine Dower
Date: Jul 2011

California Board of Registered Nursing 2010 Survey of Registered Nurses

The biennial California Survey of Registered Nurses provides information about the demographics, education, and employment of registered nurses in the state.

Author(s): Joanne Spetz, Dennis Keane, Carolina Herrera
Source: Healthforce Center at UCSF
Date: Jul. 06, 2011

WellMed’s Medical Assistant Training Program Prepares Students for Health Care Career Ladder

In the course of rapid expansion, WellMed Medical Group found itself hiring increasing numbers of medical assistants (MAs). However, quality and turnover issues with the existing pool of externally-...

Author(s): Lisel Blash, Susan A. Chapman, Catherine Dower
Source: Healthforce Center at UCSF
Date: Jun. 28, 2011

DFD Russell Medical Centers--Engaging Medical Assistants in Quality Improvement Efforts

DFD Russell Medical Centers in rural central Maine involve medical assistants in quality improvement efforts through a) engaging them in small scale testing and refinement of practice improvements (...

Author(s): Lisel Blash, Susan A. Chapman, Catherine Dower
Source: Healthforce Center at UCSF
Date: Jun. 28, 2011

Survey of Nurse Employers in California, Fall 2010

This report summarizes the findings of a survey conducted in fall 2010 of general acute care hospital employers of registered nurses (RNs) in California. This survey was designed to evaluate the...

Author(s): Tim Bates, Dennis Keane, Joanne Spetz
Date: Jun. 11, 2011

The Effect of Minimum Nurse Staffing Legislation on Uncompensated Care Provided by California Hospitals

This study assesses whether California’s minimum nurse staffing legislation affected the amount of uncompensated care provided by California hospitals. Using data from California’s Office of...

Author(s): Kristin Reiter, David Harless, George Pink, Joanne Spetz, Barbara Mark
Date: Jun. 01, 2011

Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group - Clinical Career Ladder for Medical Assistants

Northwestern Memorial Physicians Group (NMPG) took the unusual step of developing a clinical career ladder for its medical assistants (MAs) in 2003, and, more recently, for its patient services...

Author(s): Lisel Blash, Susan A. Chapman, Catherine Dower
Date: May 2011

PeaceHealth’s Team Fillingame Uses Patient Activation Measure to Customize the Medical Home

PeaceHealth Medical Group received a grant to pilot a patient-centered medical home in one of its practices in Eugene, Oregon. “Team Fillingame” revised staff roles and added a part-time mental...

Author(s): Lisel Blash, Catherine Dower, Susan A. Chapman
Date: May 2011