The diversity and cultural competence of the health workforce directly impacts access to and quality of health care. At Healthforce Center, we have examined the diversity of the workforce, tested innovations to improve cultural competency, and studied the link between diversity and health equity


Tracking Workforce Diversity in Dentistry: Importance, Methods, and Challenges

Concern abounds about whether the health care workforce is sufficient to meet changing demands spurred by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).

The Diversity of California’s Registered Nursing Workforce – 2013 Update

Multiple data sources were analyzed to provide detailed information about the diversity of California’s registered nurse workforce and to develop...

Non-White Students Make up the Majority of Californians Pursuing Health Care Education

This issue brief explores two related phenomena: growth in the number of non-White students pursuing health professions-related education, and the...

Asian Health Services: Medical Assistants Improve Language Access and Patient-Centered Care

Asian Health Services (AHS) is an urban federally-qualified health center in Oakland, California.

Medical Assistants in California: Legal Scope of Practice

This summary covers current (as of Sept 2013) scope of practice for medical assistants (MAs) in the state of California.