Leadership in Healthcare Organizations and Workforce Issues

 A woman looking engaged while a presenter discusses leadership in healthcare organizations.

At Healthforce Center, we believe that understanding the dynamics between workforce issues, and the leadership skills required to address them, is a vital step to successfully navigating the health care landscape. Our leadership programs and research aim to advance this understanding. 

Leadership in Healthcare: Essential Values and Skills

Improvement of the US health care system requires health professionals to be intimately involved in leading its health delivery organizations. Yet, they often have not had the opportunities to fully develop their leadership and management skills. 

Below are some of the skills and competencies required for effective leadership:

  • Interpersonal – Self-awareness, awareness of others and emotional intelligence
  • Managerial/Organizational – analytical tools and processes including finance, human resources and marketing
  • Environmental – broad issues driving health care; how to link internal needs and competencies strategically to external realities
  • Motivational – resilience, passion and courage to lead.

Additional Leadership Resources