My Vote. Our Health.

Project Goal: To increase civic engagement among approximately 175 AltaMed physicians by increasing their civic engagement activities by Summer 2020.

Improving Mental Health for Children of Military Families in Contra Costa County

Project Goal: To engage community organizations to identify the needs and create mental health solutions for children of military families.

Climate Change is a Public Health Emergency

Project Goal: To educate stakeholders, identify allies, develop specific goals and strategic pathways, identify funding sources, and create a long-term plan to continue forward after the end of the fellowship.

Medical-Legal Partnership for High Utilizer Patients in the Veterans Administration

Project Goal: To improve value of care and outcomes for high utilizer, high-need homeless Veterans in the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System through a Medical-Legal Partnership.

Collaborating with Health Plans to Improve Care for Homeless High Utilizers

Project Goal: To enroll, house, and track healthcare costs for 20 people who are homeless and high utilizers of emergency healthcare.

Paddling Upstream: Addressing Social Determinants in Community Health Centers

Project Goal: To assist at least 50% of eligible Alameda County Federally Qualified Health Centers clients attending a clinic visit to enroll in CalFresh.

My Health Tag – Addressing A1c and Blood Pressure Goal Awareness

Project Goal: To improve metabolic outcomes in our patient population through increased hemoglobin A1c and blood pressure goal awareness by using a simple take-home tool.