Consulting & Evaluation Services

Photo of people studying a data chart

Strategic consulting and evaluation services are a core offering at Healthforce Center, and our diverse clients include philanthropies, government agencies, health care systems, providers, and educational institutions. By applying rigorous metrics and offering actionable insights, we are guiding clients to target their resources and approaches to achieve impact.

Our faculty and staff have a breadth and depth of experience and knowledge to craft impactful engagements and evaluations. We are well positioned to leverage a broad network of collaborators across sectors to help our clients achieve optimal results. And our grounding in equity ensures inclusive and thoughtful approaches to every project.

Healthforce Center develops customized solutions for organizations with unique needs and objectives. We will work with you to assess your needs, identify desired objectives, and craft a project to achieve those objectives.

What goals can we help you achieve next? To explore your options with Healthforce Center, contact Deputy Director Rebecca Hargreaves.