Event Details

Washington, DC capital building

AcademyHealth 2019 Annual Research Meeting

Jun. 01, 2019 to Jun. 04, 2019
Washington, DC

Since its inception, AcademyHealth has been advancing the health services field by acting as an objective broker of information, bringing together stakeholders to address the current and future needs of an evolving health system, inform health policy and practice, and translate evidence into action. As the professional home and leading national organization for health services researchers, policymakers, and health care practitioners and stakeholders, AcademyHealth – together with its members – increases the understanding of methods and data used in the field, enhances the professional skills of researchers and research users, and expands awareness.

At its annual research meeting, six Healthforce faculty members and research analysts will present their research and join discussions on the following topics:

Faculty member Research/Sessions
Susan A. Chapman Trends and Challenges in Addressing Critical Issues for the Frontline Low Wage Workforce         

Impact of State Variation in Scope of Practice on Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Services 

Technology in Long Term Care: How Does it Facilitate the Workforce 

Janet M. Coffman Estimates of the Number of Additional Primary Care Residents a State Needs are Sensitive to Key Assumptions
Matthew Jura Comparison of Quantitative and Semi-Qualitative Methods in Job Satisfaction Analysis 
Elizabeth Mertz Practice Patterns of Post-Graduate Dental Residency Completers from Select HRSA-Funded Primary Dental Care Training Programs 
Ulrike Muench Racial Disparities in Poverty, Work, Leisure, and Quality of Life for Skilled and Unskilled Workers in the Health Professions            

Addressing the Opioid Crisis

Joanne Spetz The Effect of Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistant Regulations on the Growth of the Opioid Treatment Workforce