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Pam Alston, of Cohort 14, presents her CHIP project at last year's CHCF Graduation.

CHCF Health Care Leadership Program Cohort 15 Seminar

Sep. 13, 2017 to Sep. 16, 2017
San Mateo, CA

This seminar is the culmination of the CHCF Health Care Leadership Program for Cohort 15 fellows. In this seminar, fellows will learn to integrate the fellowship experience into their everyday professional environments, present their California Health Improvement Projects (CHIPs), learn how to coach others within their organizations, and celebrate their leadership journeys with a graduation ceremony and celebration. With the graduation of this cohort, the CHCF Alumni Network grows to a group of more than 500 clinician leaders. 

Event Highlights:

  • Leaders Developing Leaders:  How to Coach – Participants learn how to coach and provide feedback to each other. Coaching others builds leadership within organizations and helps spread the lessons of the fellowship beyond one individual and into the organizational fabric.
  • Digital Health Innovations Panel – Fellows will learn from a panel of leaders about digital health innovations that they have championed to enhance the efficiency of health care delivery. 
  • Leadership Essence – Self-knowledge and self-growth are important qualities of leadership. Often, these qualities embody values and allow leaders to connect more richly to others. This session will enable fellows to relate to others on a deeper level, think and express themselves more creatively, and stretch their boundaries and take risks.
  • Graduation Keynote – Susan Ehrlich (Cohort 5), chief executive officer of the Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center, will discuss how the CHCF Program has helped shape her leadership journey.

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