Diversity in California’s Mental Health Workforce and Education Pipeline


Tim Bates, Lisel Blash, Susan A. Chapman

Jul. 31, 2014

Current data suggest that segments of California’s mental health care workforce are becoming more racially and ethnically diverse. The psychology profession continues to be a predominantly White workforce, but counselors and social workers are more reflective of California’s diverse population.  Education data indicate that White students represent a majority of recent graduates of doctoral and master’s level programs in clinical or counseling psychology, as well as marriage and family therapy.  Hispanic or Latino and African American students are well represented in social work programs at both the master’s and baccalaureate level and in training programs leading to employment as psychiatric technicians or substance abuse/addiction counselors. In 2012, Hispanic or Latina women represented one-third of all graduates of master’s in social work (MSW) programs in California.