Doing More with the Same: Improving Specialty Access and Communication in the Safety Net

Project Goal: Implement eConsult in at least 20 specialties by December 2019, leverage eConsult mechanism for at least 25% of all referrals by August 2020, and reduce backlog to specialty care by 50% by August 2020. 

Managers in the Middle: Building Manager Engagement Through Peer Support and Professional Development

Project Goal: Increase manager engagement by investing in their professional development, create a forum for managers to collaborate, share, and grow their leadership skills, and cultivate manager self-efficacy by involving them in the project design from day one. 

The Safe Haven Clinic Initiative: Tackling the Seemingly Intractable Co-Occurring Epidemics of Homelessness and Addiction in California

Project Goal: Support the launch of the first Safe Haven Clinic with Mendocino County in 2021 in a SNF commandeered by the County as a COVID Alternate Care Site (ACS) and purchased with CARES act funds – Whitmore Lane, Ukiah CA.   

Improving Health Through Social Connectedness

Project Goal: Identify, screen and refer 15 adult, hospitalized patients by Feb. 28, 2020.

Equity in SCPMG Physician Leadership

Project Goal: Develop, socialize and utilize a Diversity Dashboard to benchmark, goal set and create accountability to increase representation of Female Stipend Physician Leaders in Southern California Permanente Medical Group (SCPMG). 

Optimal Health for All – Debiasing Clinic

Project Goal: Using a train the trainer model a series of three trainings, a set of clinically applicable tools for each and a training team will be training to deliver the training. The training will be conducted for all county employees by June 2022.

Spreading ACEs and Trauma-Informed Care at Santa Rosa Community Health

Project Goal: The goal of the project was to train all staff at Santa Rosa Community Health on Trauma-Informed Care and ACEs screening and to begin universal ACEs screening by 2021.

Narcan Per Pharmacy

Project Goal: Develop a protocol that would allow all LAC+USC pharmacists to distribute a Naloxone (Narcan) prescription for any patient getting a CII narcotic from a LAC+USC Pharmacy.

Building An Integrated Care Training Program To Serve the Underserved

Project Goal: To establish a training program for Family Medicine residents and clinical psychology students so they can learn to deliver integrated health care services as a team to underserved patients in a primary care out-patient setting.

Low Threshold Access to Buprenorphine Treatment within Permanent Supportive Housing

Project Goal: To create a proposal to pilot an accessible treatment model for residents of Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) with opioid use disorders through collaboration with on-site nursing staff.