Primary Care Nurse Practitioners and Physicians in Low-Income and Rural Areas, 2010-2016

Nurse practitioners (NPs) constitute the largest and fastest growing group of nonphysician primary care clinicians. As the primary care physician (PCP) shortage persists, examination of trends in primary care NP supply, particularly in relation to populations most in need, will inform strategies to strengthen primary care capacity. However, such evidence is limited, particularly in combination with physician workforce trends. This paper characterized the temporal trends in the distribution of primary care NPs in low-income and rural areas compared with the distribution of PCPs.


I've grown more confident when speaking to others. I now have the tools to lead my staff and company to success.

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Medical Assistant Supervisor, Los Angeles Christian Health Centers

California Physicians’ Participation in Medicaid

Recent increases in enrollment in Medi-Cal (California’s Medicaid program) due to the Affordable Care Act have heightened concerns about whether sufficient numbers of physicians are participating in Medi-Cal to provide beneficiaries with adequate access to care. Medi-Cal beneficiaries may have difficulty obtaining ambulatory care if there is a low percentage of physicians in their communities who accept Medi-Cal patients, or if the total supply of physicians is low relative to population size.


The Institute for Physician Leadership was a remarkable opportunity to engage with emerging leaders of different organizations. The faculty and speakers were thoughtful and inspirational. It has dramatically improved my leadership abilities and confidence, and I will continue to revisit the content of the sessions for many years.

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Kaiser Permanente


The CHCF Health Care Leadership Program is the single most important professional experience I've ever had. The lessons I learned about the importance of vision, political savvy, and self-knowledge are fresh in my mind and help me daily.

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Associate Dean for Primary Care, Stanford School of Medicine

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Janet M. Coffman, PhD, MA, MPP

Dr. Janet M. Coffman is faculty at Healthforce Center at the UCSF. In addition, she is on the faculty of the Department of Family and Community Medicine and Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies. She previously worked for UC Berkeley, the US Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs, and the San Francisco Department of Public Health. Dr. Coffman is a health services researcher who has made important contributions to health workforce policy in California and the US.