Multi-Division High-Utilizer Case Management Pilot

Project Goal: To analyze Contra Costa County’s 175,708 Medi-Cal eligible county residents as of June 2018 and run models to identify the predictors of avoidable hospital utilization over a 13 month period. Predictors considered are insurance status, race/ethnicity, age, history of detention, marital status, sex, living alone/social isolation, history of homelessness, and English speaking.

Overcoming the Behavioral Health Workforce Shortage

Project Goal: To increase access to behavioral health services by: (1) expanding the behavioral health provider (BHP) network, (2) using virtual behavioral health (BH) visits, and (3) adding mobile health (m-health) tools through a partnership with a health service technology vendor that functions as the central hub to facilitate referrals and match patients to the right care pathway.

You say “Data”, I say “Data”…

Project Goal: To improve patient outcomes and team satisfaction by getting accurate, consistent, and timely data into the hands of the care teams with the proper data support.

Reducing Staff Turnover to Improve Client Care

Project Goal: To improve provider retention rates in order to provide consistent care providers to clients and thus more consistent services to clients overall.

Tackling Health Equity by Creating A Payor-Funded Community Doula Program for HealthNet

Project Goal: To reduce the disparities in birth outcomes for African American women in Los Angeles through a pilot program using community based doulas. 

Meeting Patients Where They Are: The CareMore @ Home Program

Project Goal: To engage complex patients in outpatient care in the field who have high rates of inappropriate use of emergency room and inpatient facilities, but low rates of outpatient clinic care.

Improving Patient Access Time For Urgent Referrals To Specialists

Project Goal: To improve specialty physician access time for urgent referrals to less than 4 days.

A Comprehensive Program to Provide Consistent Education to Pediatric Hospitals

Project Goal: To develop a comprehensive and consistent pediatric hospital based services (Pedi HBS) professional development program that supports development of core competencies in Pediatric Hospital Medicine, aligns local and regional performance improvement goals, and will give Pedi HBS physicians the tools to drive change, grow professionally, and be proactive in their own learning.

Improving Physicians Engagement at Riverside University Health System

Project Goal: To improve communication between Riverside University Health System (RUHS) administration and front-line physicians as a way to increase physician satisfaction.

Integrating Care Between Behavioral Health and Outpatient Pediatrics

Project Goal: To pilot an embedded behavioral health treatment service in pediatrics that will support a patient’s ability to access mental health services in a timely and convenient manner – and ultimately lead to better mental health outcomes.