The Kaiser Permanente Technical Assistance Program

Project Goal: To formalize the existing technical assistance program and develop an organized, inclusive, structured application process by which the safety net is able to apply for technical assistance and grant dollars available to them.

Improving Quality of Life for the Seriously Ill

Project Goal: To improve quality of life for seriously ill patients at UCSF’s Mt Zion campus.

Patient Focused Interventions: Reduce Readmissions

Project Goal: To develop an organized intervention in hospitalized patients with a moderate to high probability of readmission or early death.

Improving Blood Pressure Control with Technology Enabled Virtual Care

Project Goal: To improve blood pressure control and decrease adverse health outcomes for One Medical Group patients with hypertension.

Preparing for a Good Death Through Advanced Care Planning

Project Goal: To improve on staff and participant experience in advance care planning and to help participants plan for a "good death."

Bite To Balance: A Novel Intervention in Pediatric Obesity Care

Project Goal: To reduce pediatric obesity by creating an engaging group care model that is sustainable and outperforms national outcome measures in patient engagement and medical benefit.

Transforming the RN Role in the Primary Care Setting

Project Goal: To develop an effective, proactive, relevant registered nurse workforce to serve as clinical leaders and team members in the primary care clinics of the San Francisco Health Network.

NEURO-NET: A Continuum Partnership for Catastrophic Care

Project Goal: To improve the overall health and quality of life of individuals diagnosed with acquired brain injury and spinal cord injury, while also reducing lifetime medical costs through the provision of continuous, coordinated, rehabilitation through all levels of treatment.

Reducing ICU Length of Stay with Proactive Care Conferences

Project Goal: To improve end-of-life experience for patients who are expected to die in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), through systematic, multi-disciplinary support, and transition from aggressive ICU care to high-quality comfort measures in the appropriate setting.

Volunteer Scribes

Project Goal: To reduce provider burnout by reducing the burden of data entry into the electronic medical record, allowing them more undivided time with the patients.