Technology Coordinating Group Redesign – A Value Proposition

Project Goal: To improve the value of capital equipment purchases, especially new technology, in Kaiser Permanente Northern California.

Decreasing Decline in Condition and Acute Hospitalization Through Effective Care Planning

Project Goal: To improve appropriate care & reduce decline in residents’ condition and acute hospitalization.

Reducing Opiate Overdoses Through Safe Opiate Prescribing Support

Project Goal: To reduce opiate overdoses in Contra Costa County by 10% by the end of 2016.

Reducing Readmissions with Improved Transitions of Care

Project Goal: To reduce overall cost of care by reducing hospital readmissions while improving healthcare outcomes.

OBGYN Surgery Dollars Recovery Project

Project Goal: To improve overall efficiency of Surgery Department at Ventura County Medical Center.

High Value Care in the Safety Net: Implementation of Clinical Decision Support for High Cost Diagnostic Imaging in a Large Public Health System

Project Goal: To reduce inappropriate orders of high cost diagnostic and imaging tests performed in the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services system.

Implementation of Teach Flu a Lesson – School-Based Vaccination Clinics

Project Goal: To increase the number of vaccinated children in southland elementary schools, thus creating herd immunity in a vulnerable population and closing health disparity gaps in our membership and/or communities in which we live and serve.

Telephone Appointments, an Access to Care Alternative

Project Goal: To provide an alternative for immediate, convenient, effective and, for now, free of charge access to medical care through telephone appointments.

Empowering High Risk American Indian Diabetic Patients through Individualized Case Management

Project Goal: To improve glycemic control of American Indian Diabetic patients of our health center and thereby reducing associated mortality and morbidity.

Integrative Pain Management: Transforming Care for Chronic Pain in the San Francisco Health Network

Project Goals: To improve the functional status and well-being of patients with chronic pain, and improve staff experience with managing chronic pain.