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About the CHCF Alumni Network

The California Health Care Foundation (CHCF) Alumni Network are graduates of the CHCF Health Care Leadership Program. They seek to improve health and health care delivery in California by:

  • Facilitating learning
  • Collaborating across health care sectors
  • Performing collective actions
  • Offering continued professional and personal development of network members

The network provides access to more than 600 clinician leaders who transform health care — and communities — across California through a dedicated website, semi-annual meetings, interest group activities, and involvement with up and coming leadership cohorts.

The CHCF Alumni Network is funded by CHCF and managed at Healthforce Center at UCSF by Gina Lima.

See more information on their website.

Featured Testimonial

This fellowship was truly a life-changing experience.
Patricia Fajarado, MPH, RN
Director of Nursing, ChapCare (Community Health Alliance of Pasadena)
CHCF Health Care Leadership Program Alumni
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