CIN Connections, Spring 2019: Managing Financial Risk and Total Cost of Care

April 18, 2019

This issue of CIN Connections includes strategies to manage total cost of care. It features Mitch Katz, MD, head of the largest public health care system in the country, and other health care leaders across the state who share their experiences managing risk and total cost of care. Included in this issue:

  • Reflections from a CIN Managing Partner
  • Video: “How to Succeed in Risk-Based Payment” with Mitch Katz
  • Honest Discussions About Health Costs
  • How Two CIN Partners Approach Risk-Based Payment Models
  • Progress Integrating Primary Care and Substance Use Disorder Treatment
  • Get Involved and Join Us

We’re not getting the value for our health care dollars that we should be. If we look toward most other industrialized countries in the world, [we see that] their health outcomes are so much better than ours, yet the cost to provide health care both to our country and in California is so much greater than in these other places. … We can have an impact on that by providing better value for the dollars we do spend.” — April Watson, Pacific Business Group on Health