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Medical Assistants in California: Legal Scope of Practice

This summary covers current (as of Sept 2013) scope of practice for medical assistants (MAs) in the state of California. In California, MAs are unlicensed personnel who work in physician (MD),...

Author(s): Catherine Dower
Source: Healthforce Center at UCSF
Date: Sep. 23, 2013

Is a Baccalaureate in Nursing Worth It? The Return to Education, 2000-2008

OBJECTIVE: A registered nurse (RN) license can be obtained by completing a baccalaureate degree (BSN), an associate degree (AD), or a diploma program. The aim of this article is to examine the return...

Author(s): Joanne Spetz, Tim Bates
Date: Sep. 15, 2013

Creating a Dashboard to Track Progress Toward IOM Recommendations for the Future of Nursing

This article explains the process used to identify and develop a set of data used to track national progress toward the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine Committee for the Future of...

Author(s): Joanne Spetz, Tim Bates, Lela Chu, Jessica Lin, Nancy Fishman, Lori Melichar
Date: Aug. 10, 2013

Using Minimum Nurse Staffing Regulations to Measure the Relationship Between Nursing and Hospital Quality of Care

This study tests whether changes in licensed nurse staffing led to changes in patient safety, using the natural experiment of 2004 California implementation of minimum staffing ratios. We calculated...

Author(s): Joanne Spetz, David Harless, Carolina-Nicole Herrera, Barbara Mark
Date: Aug. 01, 2013

Demand for Temporary Agency Nurses and Nursing Shortages

There is an ongoing debate about the reasons for the growth of temporary employment of registered nurses (RNs). Some argue that efficiency incentives to increase flexibility and reduce labor costs...

Author(s): Sukyong Seo, Joanne Spetz
Date: Aug. 01, 2013

Patient-Centered Medical Home Model: Do School-Based Health Centers Fit the Model?

School-based health centers (SBHCs) are an important component of health care reform. The SBHC model of care offers accessible, continuous, comprehensive, family-centered, coordinated, and...

Author(s): Satu Larson, Susan A. Chapman
Date: Aug. 01, 2013

Charting the Course: Career Paths Among Emerging Health Center Leaders

California’s community health centers face numerous challenges amidst a vast, complex and rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. Chief among these challenges is the need to adapt to changes in the...

Author(s): BTW Informing Change
Date: Jul. 30, 2013

Forecasts of the Registered Nurse Workforce in California

This report presents supply and demand forecasts for the Registered Nurse (RN) workforce in California from 2013 through 2030. These new forecasts are based on data from the 2012 California Board of...

Author(s): Joanne Spetz
Date: Jul. 24, 2013

Greater Bay Area Mental Health and Education Workforce Collaborative Evaluation

The Greater Bay Area Mental Health & Education Workforce Collaborative (the Collaborative), is a regional partnership of mental health providers, educators, advocacy and consumer groups, and...

Author(s): Lisel Blash, Susan A. Chapman
Source: Healthforce Center at UCSF
Date: Jul. 14, 2013

How Can We Obtain Data on the Demand for Nurses?

Sources related to demand for nurses data are more difficult to find, and also more difficult to interpret relative to supply. When people talk about the "demand" for nurses, they can have multiple...

Author(s): Joanne Spetz, Christine Kovner
Date: Jul. 08, 2013