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The Effect of Different Methods of Remuneration on the Behaviour of Primary Care Dentists

Objective: To evaluate the effects of different methods of remuneration on the professional behaviour of primary care dentists and associated patient outcomes. Full Publication

Author(s): Paul Brocklehurst, Juliet Price, Anne-Marie Glenny, Martin Tickle, Stephen Birch, Elizabeth Mertz, Jostein Grytten
Date: May. 16, 2012

The Diversity of California’s Registered Nursing Workforce

The ability of California Registered Nurses (RNs) to provide culturally competent care to Californians is associated with the language skills and diversity of the RN workforce. Moreover, diversity in...

Author(s): Renae Waneka, Joanne Spetz
Date: May. 07, 2012

Immigration and Contract Problems Experienced by Foreign-Educated Nurses

More than 8% of employed RNs licensed since 2004 in the United States were educated overseas, yet little is known about the conditions of their recruitment or the impact of that experience on health...

Author(s): Patricia Pittman, Carolina Herrera, Joanne Spetz, Catherine Davis
Date: May. 01, 2012

Survey of Nurse Employers in California, Fall 2012

This report summarizes the findings of a survey conducted in fall 2011 of general acute care hospital employers of registered nurses (RNs) in California. This survey is the second of three annual...

Author(s): Tim Bates, Dennis Keane, Joanne Spetz
Date: Apr. 06, 2012

What Determines Successful Implementation of Inpatient Information Technology Systems?

OBJECTIVES: To identify the factors and strategies that were associated with successful implementation of hospital-based information technology (IT) systems in US Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)...

Author(s): Joanne Spetz, James F. Burgess, Ciaran S. Phibbs
Date: Mar. 17, 2012

Health Reform and the Health Care Workforce

This monograph assesses how the Affordable Care Act will influence the demand for health care workers, as well as the nature of care they provide. Full Publication

Author(s): Joanne Spetz
Date: Mar. 06, 2012

Nursing Education Data Sources: A User’s Guide

This Brief reviews the main sources of data stakeholders at the national and state level can use to measure education levels among RNs. Each data source is described, with attention to the population...

Author(s): Tim Bates, Joanne Spetz
Date: Mar. 06, 2012

Health Care Workforce Will be Tested by Reform

Much of the public discussion about health care reform has focused on whether various components of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are constitutional, and whether the act can be repealed. But an...

Author(s): Joanne Spetz
Date: Feb. 29, 2012

Professional Projects and Institutional Change in Healthcare: The Case of American Dentistry

This paper combines resources from the organization studies and sociology literatures to advance understanding of institutional change processes in health care that emerge from the...

Author(s): Martin Kitchener, Elizabeth Mertz
Date: Feb. 01, 2012

Comparison of Patient Outcomes in Magnet and Non-Magnet Hospitals

OBJECTIVE: This study compared patient outcomes and staffing in Magnet® and non-Magnet hospitals. BACKGROUND: The pursuit of Magnet designation is a highly regarded program for improving staff and...

Author(s): Colleen Goode, Mary Blegen, Shin Hye Park, Thomas Vaughn, Joanne Spetz
Date: Dec. 11, 2011