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California Board of Registered Nursing 2009-2010 Annual School Report Data Summary for Pre-Licensure Nursing Programs

The survey collects data about nursing programs and their students and faculty from August 1 through July 31. Annual data presented in this report represent August 1, 2009 through July 31, 2010....

Author(s): Tim Bates, Dennis Keane, Joanne Spetz
Date: Feb. 09, 2011

The Effect of Unions on the Distribution of Wages of Hospital-Employed Registered Nurses

AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: We estimate the impact of unionisation on the wage structure of hospital-employed registered nurses in the USA. We examine whether unions have an effect on wage differences...

Author(s): Joanne Spetz, Michael Ash, Charalampos Konstantinidis, Carolina Herrera
Date: Jan 2011

Collaborative Practice in American Dentistry: Practice and Potential

As the US seeks to improve the effectiveness and accessibility of the oral health care delivery system – in order to reduce stark disparities in oral health utilization and outcomes that exist in...

Author(s): Elizabeth Mertz, Vanessa Lindler, Catherine Dower
Date: Jan. 01, 2011

Alternative Practice Dental Hygiene in California: Past, Present, Future

This study examines the development of the registered dental hygienist in alternative practice in California through an analysis of archival documents, stakeholder interviews, and two surveys of the...

Author(s): Elizabeth Mertz, Paul Glassman
Date: Jan. 01, 2011

Hospital Information Technology Systems' Impact on Nurses and Nursing Care

OBJECTIVE: We conducted a review of the literature to determine the impact of health information technologies (HITs) on nurses and nursing care. BACKGROUND: Nurses' effective use of HIT has the...

Author(s): Renae Waneka, Joanne Spetz 
Date: Dec 2010

Implementation of a Lifestyle Program in Primary Care by Nurse Practitioners

PURPOSE: The purpose of this study is to describe the implementation process and participant satisfaction with a lifestyle program provided by nurse practitioners (NPs) in primary care to adults at...

Author(s): Robin Whittemore, Gail D'Eramo Melkus, Nanette Alexander, Stacie Zibel, Elizabeth Visone, Ulrike Muench, Elizabeth Magenheimer, Stephanie Wilborne
Source: PubMed
Date: Dec. 01, 2010

Assessing Workforce Needs and Opportunities for School Based Health Centers in California

School based health centers go beyond the traditional services of a school nurse to provide comprehensive care – including primary and mental health care – to students. The centers are seen as a way...

Author(s): Catherine Dower, Bonnie Preston
Date: Dec 2010

Cabin Creek Health Systems-Medical Assistants Provide a Senior Medical Home

Cabin Creek Health Systems, a federally-qualified health clinic in West Virginia, trained a team of experienced Medical Assistants to provide risk assessments and care coordination to elderly...

Author(s): Lisel Blash, Catherine Dower, Susan A. Chapman
Date: Nov 2010

California Nurses Facts and Figures

Close to 300,000 actively licensed registered nurses (RNs) live in California, making nursing the largest health profession in the state. California’s RN workforce has doubled in size since 1980, and...

Author(s): Tim Bates, Catherine Dower
Date: Nov 2010

High Plains Community Health Center—Redesign Expands Medical Assistant Roles

High Plains Community Health Center, a federally qualified health center in Colorado, redesigned its workflow to increase productivity by increasing the number of support staff per provider. Medical...

Author(s): Lisel Blash, Catherine Dower, Susan A. Chapman
Date: Nov 2010