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Respiratory Care Practitioners in California

Respiratory care practitioners (RCPs) comprise a critical sector of the allied health care workforce though the profession is not well understood or highly visible to the public, even though RCPs are...

Author(s): Nona Kocher, Susan A. Chapman, Marina Dronsky
Date: Jul 2003

Chiropractic Care in California

With 65,000 practitioners nationwide, chiropractic is the third largest “primary” health profession in the US (behind medicine and dentistry). This issue brief examines the chiropractic workforce in...

Author(s): Bram Briggance
Date: Jun 2003

The Clinical Laboratory Workforce in California

The clinical laboratory workforce comprises a critical sector of the healthcare workforce, and as with other types of healthcare workers such as registered nurses and pharmacists, there have been...

Author(s): Vanessa Lindler, Susan A. Chapman
Date: Jun 2003

Acupuncture in California

Acupuncture is an ancient healing profession that is growing in popularity and acceptance in the U.S. as a complement or an alternative to western medicine. Licensed Acupuncturists in California make...

Author(s): Catherine Dower
Date: Apr 2003

Health Care Interpreters in California

California has a considerable and increasing need for interpretive services in health care. Currently one in every five Californians, over 6 million people, qualify as Limited English Proficient (LEP...

Author(s): Catherine Dower
Date: Apr 2003

Minimum Staffing Ratios: The California Workforce Initiative Survey

Minimum Staffing Ratios: The California Workforce Initiative Survey

Author(s): Jean Ann Seago, Joanne Spetz, Janet M. Coffman, Emily Rosenoff, Edward O'Neil
Date: Mar 2003

Pharmacy Technicians in California: Snapshot of an Emerging Profession

The pharmacy technician profession is experiencing rapid change and growth, mirroring changes in the pharmacy profession and in pharmaceutical treatment. This issue brief examines the growth and...

Author(s): Tina McRee
Date: Mar 2003

The Mental Health Workforce: Who's Meeting California's Needs?

Over the past two decades there has been a growing call for parity between mental and physical health care. Mental health services have been stigmatized, provided unsystematically, and they came late...

Author(s): Tina McRee, Catherine Dower, Bram Briggance, Jenny Vance, Dennis Keane, Ed O'Neil
Date: Feb 2003

Nursing for the Public's Health: A Profile of Public Health Nurses in Five California Counties

This report provides data on the demographics of the PHN workforce in five counties in California; the educational preparation of the PHN workforce; the job market and employment issues for the PHN...

Author(s): Janet Miller, Kevin Grumbach, Elizabeth Mertz
Date: Dec 2002

California Physicians 2002: Practice and Perceptions

As health care in California continues to experience major changes and challenges, it is important to periodically check the pulse of one key group of participants in this system: the state’s...

Author(s): Kevin Grumbach, Catherine Dower, Sunita Mutha, Jean Yoon, William Huen, Dennis Keane, Diane Rittenhouse, Andrew Bindman
Date: Dec 2002