Community Health Leaders’ Workforce Concerns: Talent and Provider Burnout

By Sunita Mutha, MD, FACP and Jackie Miller

An imminent talent gap and provider burnout are threatening the viability and strength of California’s safety net, according to a newly released Healthforce Center at UCSF survey reflecting on-the-ground responses from senior leaders. One hundred and sixty-one safety net health care leaders across California responded to our survey, which aimed to unearth organizations’ biggest workforce challenges. 

Breaking Barriers for Underrepresented Minorities in the Health Professions

In spite of the United States’ racial and ethnic diversity, the health care workforce remains predominately white, particularly in professions that require doctoral degrees. This has a real and negative impact on both patients and health professionals. Diversity in the classroom can translate into more empathetic and compassionate health care delivery in the clinic. Patients also often have higher levels of trust and satisfaction with health professionals who have similar racial/ethnic backgrounds.


I've grown more confident when speaking to others. I now have the tools to lead my staff and company to success.

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Medical Assistant Supervisor, Los Angeles Christian Health Centers

California Physicians’ Participation in Medicaid

Recent increases in enrollment in Medi-Cal (California’s Medicaid program) due to the Affordable Care Act have heightened concerns about whether sufficient numbers of physicians are participating in Medi-Cal to provide beneficiaries with adequate access to care. Medi-Cal beneficiaries may have difficulty obtaining ambulatory care if there is a low percentage of physicians in their communities who accept Medi-Cal patients, or if the total supply of physicians is low relative to population size.

Navigating Change in the Health Workforce Speaker Series

The Seminar Series is your chance to hear from and interact with national and international experts in workforce and other topics that are of importance to Healthforce Center’s work. This is an opportunity to learn about hot topics, meet an expert without having to travel long distances, and get new ideas for your own work.


The Institute for Physician Leadership was a remarkable opportunity to engage with emerging leaders of different organizations. The faculty and speakers were thoughtful and inspirational. It has dramatically improved my leadership abilities and confidence, and I will continue to revisit the content of the sessions for many years.

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Kaiser Permanente


The CHCF Health Care Leadership Program is the single most important professional experience I've ever had. The lessons I learned about the importance of vision, political savvy, and self-knowledge are fresh in my mind and help me daily.

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Associate Dean for Primary Care, Stanford School of Medicine

Mary Beth Blasnek, SM, AB

Mary Beth Blasnek is the associate director of operations for Healthforce Center at UCSF.

Tania Condon, MBA, MA, MTS

In her role as associate director of leadership, Tania oversees the development and delivery of customized leadership initiatives for health care professionals in California and beyond. She serves as a member of Healthforce Center’s executive team working to advance its mission to equip health care organizations with the workforce knowledge and leadership skills to effect positive change.