Bridging the Divide Between Leadership Development and Organizational Outcomes


BTW Informing Change

Aug. 01, 2012

The Clinic Leadership Institute (CLI) Emerging Leaders program helps participants become stronger leaders in community health centers throughout California. But how exactly do the learnings from a structured leadership program translate to the unpredictability and complexity of the day-to-day work in health centers? And how can benefits spread from program participants to their organizations?

CLI Emerging Leaders projects, or “CLIPs,” is a key strategy for helping participants apply their leadership skills to benefit their health centers. With support from the CLI Emerging Leaders program staff, faculty and advisors, participants carry out these customized leadership projects over the course of more than a year, with their organizations serving as real-world learning laboratories.

This report highlights CLIP outcomes and learnings from the program‘s first three cohorts, based on data that BTW informing change collected from participants, their colleagues (e.g., CEOs, direct supervisors, peers) and program staff at multiple points in time. The learnings are applicable to those who are interested in implementing or supporting projects similar to CLIPs to enhance health center leadership and organizational effectiveness.

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