Trends, Issues, and Projections of Supply and Demand for Nursing Aides and Home Health Care Aides: California Fieldwork


Patricia Franks, Susan A. Chapman, Monique Nowicki, Arnab Mukherjea

Mar 2002

Long-term care is a looming crisis in California. One of the things needed to address this crisis is better workforce supply and demand data. The purpose of this fieldwork project is to assess information available for long-term care workforce planning and policymaking in California. This study assessed information on the supply of and the demand for certified nurse assistants (CNAs) and certified home health aides (HHAs) in California. These workers are the mainstay of direct care provided by California’s more than 1,400 nursing facilities and nearly 800 home health agencies. This fieldwork study is part of a national study and one of four state fieldwork studies (California, New York, Illinois, and Wyoming) designed to review trends, issues, and projections of the supply of and the demand for nursing aides and home health aides.