Lawmakers Push To Protect Patients And Counter Trump (California Healthline)

[UPDATED at 6 p.m. PT on Sept. 4]

California lawmakers this year played offense and defense on health care, adopting bills to give patients more access to care and medications, while defending Californians against Trump administration attacks on the Affordable Care Act.

Nurses Association Fights for Policy Change (STAT)

By Maile Richardson

A new story by STAT turned to Joanne Spetz, Healthforce Center's associate director of research, for her take on the California Nurses Association (CNA)’s long tradition of results-oriented advocacy. Most recently, the organization has pushed for a single-payer health care system in the state. 

Restrictive Policies (and Politics) Impede Nurses, Fail Patients

Healthforce Center Associate Director of Research Joanne Spetz, PhD, was interviewed for a nursing website ( about her research on policies, politics and nursing practice that affect nursing leaders across the country. Below are excerpts from that conversation:

Millennial Healthcare Workers Get Political

Millennials have overtaken Baby Boomers as America’s largest generation, according to the Pew Research Center, but what does it mean for future healthcare leaders of America?

Healthcare Leaders and Activism: A Conversation with Perri Morgan of Duke

Perri Morgan, PhD, PA-C, is professor and the director of research in the Physician Assistant Division in the Department of Community and Family Medicine at Duke University Medical Center. She is a practicing PA, specializing in hypertension, and an educator of PAs at Duke. In 2013 she, along with about 900 others, were arrested for protesting at the North Carolina state capitol where they advocated for Medicaid expansion in the state.  We recently sat down with Perri to talk about the role of health professionals in political life.

What inspires you to protest?

The Affordable Care Act’s Bipartisan Support

by Igor Geyn

The Affordable Care Act is personal for me. As a young adult under the age of 26, ACA allows me to stay on my parents' insurance plan. Though I've been lucky to avoid costly medical treatment, the coverage has provided me with peace of mind and delivered thousands of dollars in savings.

I am not alone in a country of millions of similarly positioned young adults, individuals with conditions that would be labeled "pre-existing," and hardworking Americans for whom Medicaid coverage means not spending over half of their income on health insurance.

ACA Repeal and Replace: Where Do We Stand?

by Healthforce Center Senior Manager of Strategic Initiatives Rebecca Hargreaves

Information overload or not enough information? These days it feels like both. Each morning brings a fresh news cycle, every week another report and each meeting we attend presents new stories and opinions. We are inundated with headlines and data, yet are still trying to understand the implications of where the shifting details regarding the potential repeal or replacement of the ACA leave us.  

Foreign-born Clinicians Essential to Underserved Populations

by Igor Geyn, Healthforce Center Research Analyst

As a first-generation immigrant and political refugee from Russia, I understand the impact of federal policy on individual lives first-hand. While the transition from post-perestroika Moscow to San Francisco came with considerable challenges, my family encountered a general sentiment of acceptance and understanding.

ACA Repeal to Pull Job Opportunities

by Joanne Spetz and Bianca Frogner

It remains unclear whether or not Republicans agree on a plan to replace the Affordable Care Act, exactly what a replacement plan would look like, and when a replacement would be implemented.  However, repealing the law with no viable replacement could lead to millions of lost job opportunities throughout the US, on top of the loss of health insurance for millions of people.