Cedars-Sinai Community Clinic Initiative: Managing to Leading Program

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The Cedars-Sinai Community Clinic Initiative: Managing to Leading program (M2L) provides transformative leadership development for mid-level clinicians and administrative staff from eligible community clinics in Los Angeles. The program equips leaders with the knowledge, skills, resilience, and confidence to effectively manage change and improve health care in today's complex and uncertain environment. M2L uses Healthforce Center's trusted leadership curriculum, specifically tailored to the needs of Los Angeles's community health centers and includes:

  • Interactive, experiential seminars to deepen knowledge and skills while fostering meaningful relationships
  • A focus on application and practice, including an applied learning component that emphasizes using analytic skills to identify, understand, and solve pain points within one's own organization
  • Facilitated peer coaching to deepen self-awareness and make progress toward personal development goals
  • Admission into a robust alumni network upon completion of the program

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What Is Management Leadership Training?

Management leadership training is a process of individual discovery and transformation. It can involve coaching and peer network groups that develop participants' competencies in leadership skills, strategic thinking, business acumen, relationship management, data-driven decision-making, and more.

Why Is Leadership Training Important for Managers?

We believe that leadership is the driving force for change, yet many health professionals have not had opportunities to fully develop their leadership and management skills. Evidence shows that investments in training equip leaders to drive strategy, navigate the shifting policy landscape, and improve financial performance of their organizations.

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Our Approach

We believe leadership development is a process of individual discovery and transformation. Managing to Leading (M2L) accelerates this transformation process through a leadership model centered around four key areas – Purpose, Process, Personal, and People. The program's goals are to:

  • Strengthen the leadership capacity of community health centers;
  • Enhance the communication, problem solving, and strategic thinking skills to better position their organizations to adapt and improve care;
  • Deepen the connections among managers to strengthen collaboration across safety net organizations; and
  • Increase individuals' resilience and leadership presence within their organizations and across the safety net field.


Managing to Leading (M2L) incorporates a suite of programmatic elements proven to drive results:

  • Seminars: Two virtual and two in-person seminars that increase participants' knowledge and skills through interactive, experiential learning and field-specific content (overnight accommodations will be provided for the in-person seminars).
  • Leadership Development Goals: Individualized leadership development goals informed by psychometric and qualitative assessments, peer coaching, and program feedback.
  • Applied Learning: Participants will be taught to (1) define a problem to be solved based on observation and analysis, (2) develop hypotheses about potential solutions, (3) test and refine the hypotheses by gathering input from those impacted by the planned change, and (4) communicate the proposed solution to stakeholders before implementation.
  • Intersession Work: Focused on application and practice; conducted within organization.
  • Peer Coaching (Pods): Facilitated peer coaching in small groups to deepen self-awareness and make progress towards personal development goals.
  • Alumni Network: Opportunities during and after the program to strengthen and leverage connections among alumni and across community health centers, including exposure to a wider network of alumni of Healthforce Center's many leadership programs.

How to Apply

The application for Managing to Leading Cohort 6 is now closed. Please check back for updates on recruitment for the next cohort in January 2024.

Please contact Vaishnavi Vaidya with any questions about the application or program.

Who Should Apply

Mid-level clinicians and administrative staff who work in eligible clinics in Los Angeles and are:

  • Managing or supervising others;
  • Transitioning from contributing as individuals to leading teams;
  • Seeking to increase resilience and professional networking;
  • Planning and guiding the work of others; and/or
  • Increasingly tasked with complex projects or initiatives that involve multiple people or departments.

Managing to Leading will accept up to 32 individuals. Multiple individuals may be accepted from the same community health center.

Clinic Eligibility

The program is limited to individuals from community health centers in Service Planning Areas (SPAs) 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8. In addition, community health centers should be Section 330 health centers or Look-Alikes.

See the full list of eligible clinics. Individuals interested in applying who do not find their organization on this list should contact Vaishnavi Vaidya to determine their eligibility.

Participant Expectations

Managing to Leading (M2L) participants agree to fully engage in all aspects of the program. Specifically, participants agree to:

  • Actively participate in all program activities, including all virtual and in-person seminars, and engage in the alumni network upon completion of the program.
  • Commit to working up to four hours weekly, during regular work hours, on further study and learning experiences, such as reading articles and participating in conference calls and/or meetings.
  • Commit to working during regular work hours to complete assignments associated with Managing to Leading project (Note: Project assignments will be specific to each participant and the amount of time needed to complete them should be negotiated with your supervisor.)
  • Identify leadership development goals with a direct supervisor and engage in regular conversations about professional growth.
  • Use overnight lodging options, the costs of which are covered by Cedars-Sinai's sponsorship, to support full participation in early morning and evening activities.
  • Cover incidental travel costs related to attending seminars and other program events. Cedars-Sinai's sponsorship covers most costs, including educational materials, lodging, and meals at seminars. Examples of incidental expenses include food and beverage on travel days.
  • Secure employer’s support for participation in the program, including time off during the regular work week to attend seminars and virtual sessions and time to engage in program work during regular work hours (e.g., Managing to Leading project, intersession assignments, monthly peer group meetings).
  • Complete all seminar, virtual sessions, and overall evaluations of the program.
  • Permit Healthforce Center and Cedars-Sinai to include their name, organizational information (name, title, address, etc.), biographical sketch, photo, audio, and video image in informational and promotional materials pertaining to the Cedars-Sinai Community Clinic Initiative and Healthforce Center at UCSF.

M2L Is Funded By Cedars-Sinai

With the goal of reducing disparities in health and healthcare for those most in need, Cedars-Sinai has launched a multiyear Community Clinic Initiative that aims to strengthen Los Angeles's safety net. Yearlong programs focus on quality care, leadership development, financial strength and data analysis in clinics that represent the backbone of care for LA's poor and uninsured. More than two-thirds of the community clinics in Cedars-Sinai's service area are participating in this initiative, designed to build capabilities that will enable them to more effectively respond to patients' complex needs over the long term in a changing healthcare landscape. Managing to Leading is one of the programs of the Community Clinic Initiative.

M2L Is Managed By Healthforce Center

Healthforce Center at UCSF is your resource for everything connected to the people of health care – and their champions. We are uniquely positioned to connect diverse individuals and sectors and generate a collective force for health, equity, and action.

Contact Information

Managing to Leading Program
Healthforce Center at UCSF, Box 1242
490 Illinois Street, Floor 11
San Francisco, CA 94143

Program Team

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I've grown more confident when speaking to others. I now have the tools to lead my staff and company to success.
Vanessa Felix
Medical Assistant Supervisor, Los Angeles Christian Health Centers
Cedars-Sinai Managing to Leading Program Alum
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