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Clinic Leadership Institute Program

The goal of CLI program was to build the next generation of safety-net providers and leaders who will sustain and strengthen the community health field in California.

Institute for Physician Leadership

The UCSF Institute for Physician Leadership (IPL) program was a year-long, immersive experience that taught tangible skills to lead and manage change, work with and through others, and implement an organizationally aligned improvement initiative.

Managing to Leading Bootcamp

Managers often need support in developing the fundamental insights, skills, and competencies to lead change. Managing to Leading Bootcamp was a two-month accelerated health care leadership development program for transforming emerging and middle managers into informed leaders.

UCSF Clinical Leadership Accelerator

The UCSF Clinical Leadership Accelerator (UCSF-CLA) program provided an opportunity for faculty to gain insights and skills to lead change and improve health care.

Clinic Leadership Network

The Clinic Leadership Network aimed to elevate diverse leaders in their mission to serve the California safety net.