Kaiser Permanente Baldwin Park Medical Center Information Technology Propels Expansion of Medical Assistant Role


Lisel Blash, Susan A. Chapman, Catherine Dower

Nov 2010

Kaiser Permanente Southern California has developed an innovative tool, the Proactive Office Encounter (POE), embedded in its cutting-edge electronic health record system, HealthConnect. The POE interface prompts medical assistants and licensed vocational nurses to remind patients at the time of each encounter of opportunities for preventative and chronic care and provides the employee with standardized electronic checklists for managing and documenting these encounters. Employees receive extensive training opportunities and performance bonuses for achieving clinical strategic goals. 

This 2014 summary updates the original 2010 case study with new information on staffing, clinical outcomes, reimbursement, and more.

Innovative Workforce Models of Health Care is a series of case studies showcasing primary care practices that are expanding the roles of medical assistants and other frontline workers in innovative ways. The organizations selected are implementing practice models that improve organizational viability and quality of care for patients while providing career development opportunities to frontline employees. This research is supported by the The Hitachi Foundation as part of its Pioneer Employers Initiative.