Nurse Practitioners Physician Assistants and Certified Nurse Midwives in California


Kevin Grumbach, Janet Coffman, Elizabeth Mertz, Emily Rosenoff

Apr 2000

Nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs) and certified nurse midwives (CNMs) play growing roles in the health care workforce. Experts recommended in the mid-1990s that their numbers be increased to address concerns about an inadequate supply and mal-distribution of primary care practitioners. In response, educators have dramatically increased the numbers of students educated in these professions. Efforts are underway in many states to expand the scope of practice and enhance the reimbursement of these practitioners. Despite these developments, relatively little is known about the profile of the workforce in these three professions in California. This report documents the contributions of these three professions to California’s health care workforce. Findings presented in this report are based on the results of a survey mailed to all NPs, PAs and CNMs licensed to practice in California. The survey was administered by the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) in 1998.