Survey of Nurse Employers in California, Fall 2012


Tim Bates, Dennis Keane, Joanne Spetz

April 6, 2012

This report summarizes the findings of a survey conducted in fall 2011 of general acute care hospital employers of registered nurses (RNs) in California. This survey is the second of three annual surveys, with the last survey scheduled for fall 2012. Together, these surveys provide an opportunity to evaluate overall demand for RNs in the state, and changes in demand during the economic recovery. The survey includes questions specific to the hiring of newly graduated nurses as well, because recent cohorts of nursing graduates are at particular risk for unemployment during a weak labor market. The data obtained in this survey reveal ongoing variation in the demand for RNs across California, the lack of positions available for newly graduated RNs, and hospitals’ expectation that hiring will increase over the next two years.