"This has been an amazing, transformative experience. I'm engaged, challenged and supported by staff, mentors and top-notch educators with a core mission to help me grow."

Rosa Lopez Jaffe, RN, MSN
Psychiatric Case Manager, Kaiser Permanente
CHCF Health Care Leadership Fellow

"Healthforce Center at UCSF brings together leading researchers and experts to address critical workforce challenges facing the US health system. The reports and publications produced by the Healthforce Center should be among the 'must reads' for state and national policymakers seeking information on nursing and long-term care workforce issues in particular."

Bianca Frogner, PhD
Associate Professor and Director of Center for Health Workforce Studies, University of Washington

"The Institute for Physician Leadership was a remarkable opportunity to engage with emerging leaders of different organizations. The faculty and speakers were thoughtful and inspirational. It has dramatically improved my leadership abilities and confidence, and I will continue to revisit the content of the sessions for many years."

Jeffrey Davis, MD
Kaiser Permanente
Institute for Physician Leadership Alumni

"We have contracted with Healthforce Center for a number of research projects including case study analyses and surveys. Each and every project is conducted with the highest level of professionalism while adhering to sound research practices. Outcomes of one survey in particular has been used in the development of policy briefs with the goal of effecting a change in regulations. We will continue to partner and work with Healthforce Center as they are the experts!"

Linda Zorn
Statewide Director, Health Workforce Initiative

"This fellowship was truly a life-changing experience. The skills obtained in this program and the exposure to various leaders have been applicable to all aspects of my career. The relationships established within the cohort was just amazing. There is incredible talent throughout the state as evidence by all who have graduated and the incredible work being done."

Patricia Fajarado, MPH, RN
Director of Nursing, ChapCare (Community Health Alliance of Pasadena)
CHCF Health Care Leadership Program Alumni

"The research conducted by Healthforce Center provides valuable data to support our mission to improve the health of all Californians. Their work informs and educates health care leaders on imperative workforce and leadership issues necessary for successful change. Healthforce Center is a cutting edge resource frequently used by the California Hospital Association to inform our staff and members on critical issues as we move forward in health care transformation."

BJ Bartelson
Vice President, Nursing and Clinical Services
Research Services Client

"In order to do transformational work, many of us have to first undergo an inner transformation."

Geoffrey Leung, MD, EdM
Ambulatory Medical Director and Chief of Family Medicine, Riverside University Health System
CHCF Health Care Leadership Fellow

"Clinic Leadership Institute has had a truly radical impact on my leadership style. Because of the program, I am more adaptive, confident, authentic, and adept at communicating my vision. I am so grateful for the expert training, the coaching and the peer support that I have received from CLI!"

Amy Manta-Ranger, MPH
School-Based Health Center Department Manager, La Clinica de la Raza
Clinic Leadership Institute Alumni

"The fellowship has been a key factor in my growth as a health leader. It provided the opportunity to learn important skills, meet amazing people and explore new possibilities in health care delivery. As an alumni, the fellowship continues to foster this confirmed growth and relationships with other health leaders."

Paul Giboney, MD
Director Speciality Care, Los Angeles County Department of Health Services
CHCF Health Care Leadership Program Alumni