Connections Across Sectors

Photo of three people chatting at a workshop

Connections across sectors is Healthforce Center’s superpower and what we are best known for. Healthforce Center is your resource for everything connected to the people of health care — and their champions. We are uniquely positioned to connect diverse individuals and sectors and generate a collective force for health, equity, and action. We develop and manage programs that unite diverse leaders, host convenings to gather experts around issues, share our actionable research in a variety of settings, and rally organizations across the country to tackle challenges and identify solutions.

Through the power of networks and our involvement in different spaces, we bring diverse health care leaders and visionaries together to foster ideas and spread innovations. Bridging sectors and divisions, Healthforce Center serves as an incubator, connector, and accelerator to drive collective changemaking in health care.  

Highlights of our projects that leverage diverse groups to achieve results include:

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