Our Mission, Vision, and History

Photo of Healthforce Center Director Dr. Sunita Mutha at a podium.

Mission and Vision

At Healthforce Center, we believe that people are the most important element in health care. Our mission is to equip people with the workforce knowledge, leadership skills, and network connections to create a collective force for health, equity, and action. We envision an effective and responsive health care ecosystem that is driving progress toward more equitable health outcomes for all. We provide research, programming, consulting, and evaluation in support of these goals.


Healthforce Center at UCSF (formerly the Center for the Health Professions) was founded in 1992. For three decades, our research and publications have helped health care leaders and policymakers better understand the health workforce and develop successful improvement strategies and policies. Our dynamic leadership training programs have touched thousands of people who continue to make significant and meaningful change in health care. From the beginning, our work has been shaped by the recognition that equity is essential for healthy communities.

Healthforce Center is part of the University of California, San Francisco, the leading university dedicated to advancing health worldwide. Our collective mandate is to advance health care quality and equity.