Consulting Services

Healthforce Center brochure.

Healthforce Center provides advisement and tailored consulting services for organizations with unique needs and objectives. We work closely with clients to understand short-term and long-term challenges and develop strategies to position them for success. The faculty and staff bring decades of experience and are able to leverage a broad network of collaborators to develop and conduct engagements.

We have expertise in exploring landscape issues to determine potential paths forward; reviewing and summarizing research to inform decision making; providing issue area recommendations and roadmaps; forecasting; policy analysis; identifying strategy options; developing curricula; surveying the field; and many more areas. We will work with you to assess your needs, identify desired objectives, and craft an engagement to achieve those objectives.

Highlights of Healthforce Center’s extensive advisement and consulting work include:

What goals can we help you achieve next? To explore your options with Healthforce Center, contact Deputy Director Rebecca Hargreaves.