Healthforce Center partners with organizations nationwide to address their research needs through rigorous workforce analysis. We collaborate with researchers within UCSF, as well as other organizations, to assemble the best team to approach the issue at hand. Our studies have spanned critical issues across the industry, from minimum nurse staffing ratios, to underrepresented minority dentists, to the use of electronic health records. Healthforce Center is uniquely positioned to identify and understand the most pressing health workforce issues, to empower leaders to address these issues, and to produce knowledge that influences policy. To read more about our projects and impact, see the list below.

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COVID-19 Health Workforce Surge Planning

The patient surges due to COVID-19 require rapid training and deployment of the existing health workforce, innovative and creative methods to increase the skills and types of individuals...

Profiles of Health Professions in California

Healthforce Center has prepared a series of brief reports on California’s health care workforce in seven health professions for the University of California Office of the President.

Oral Health

Multi-Site Evaluation of Innovative Oral Health Workforce Interventions

Oral health is a significant concern among vulnerable populations that are plagued by coverage, quality, and payment challenges, as well as by other health issues.

Safety net staffing is an important issue.

Workforce Recruitment in the Safety Net

Safety-net providers often report challenges recruiting and retaining staff, particularly for high-cost, high-demand professions such as registered nurses and physicians.

Background of round white pills with an indented line through the center. From the bottom right of the image a thumb and index finger in blue latex gloves extend holding another white pill with an indented line through the middle.

Increasing the Workforce that Provides Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Use Disorder

Medication treatment for opioid use disorder is an important component of efforts to reduce the high social costs of prescription and non-prescription opioid abuse and mortality.

A brown haired woman lies in a hospital bed while in labor. Another woman in red scrbs, a medical mask, and a medical hairnet has her right hand on the other woman's head and her left hand below the covers. A hand in a green gown and a white medical glove reaches out from the bottom left frame and is placed on the woman in labor's abdomen. A clock on the far wall read 3:52. There is additional medical equipment around the room.

The Impact of Nurse Staffing on Birth Outcomes

Nursing care is a core element of patient safety and quality within hospitals, but measures for the quality of nursing care during birth have not been established.