Healthforce Center partners with organizations nationwide to address their research needs through rigorous workforce analysis. We collaborate with researchers within UCSF, as well as other organizations, to assemble the best team to approach the issue at hand. Our studies have spanned critical issues across the industry, from minimum nurse staffing ratios, to underrepresented minority dentists, to the use of electronic health records. Healthforce Center is uniquely positioned to identify and understand the most pressing health workforce issues, to empower leaders to address these issues, and to produce knowledge that influences policy. To read more about our projects and impact, see the list below.

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Demand For Nurses In California

Health care in California and in the nation requires an adequate supply of well-prepared professional nurses.

Medical Laboratory Technician Workforce Study

As labs face workforce shortages, could medical laboratory technicians (MLTs) help fill the gap? This study addresses scope of practice for MLTs in California compared with other states, and...

Surveys and Studies of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

Healthforce Center researchers have conducted numerous surveys and studies of advanced practice registered nurses, including nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, clinical nurse specialists, and...

California Respiratory Care Workforce Study

The Respiratory Care Board of California was facing numerous issues that were expected to affect the future of the respiratory care workforce.

Arizona Health Workforce Demand Study

Arizona’s health care employers are facing many challenges in training, recruiting, and retaining an adequate workforce.

Research Support for the Campaign for Action for the Future of Nursing

In 2010, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Committee on the Future of Nursing released a report called The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health.

Nurse Workforce Studies for the California Board of Registered Nursing

UCSF has conducted studies of the supply, education, and other aspects of California’s nursing workforce for the California Board of Registered Nursing since 2005.