Healthforce Center partners with organizations nationwide to address their research needs through rigorous workforce analysis. We collaborate with researchers within UCSF, as well as other organizations, to assemble the best team to approach the issue at hand. Our studies have spanned critical issues across the industry, from minimum nurse staffing ratios, to underrepresented minority dentists, to the use of electronic health records. Healthforce Center is uniquely positioned to identify and understand the most pressing health workforce issues, to empower leaders to address these issues, and to produce knowledge that influences policy. To read more about our projects and impact, see the list below.

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Availability of Electronic Health Records Among California Physicians and Advanced Practice Nurses

Electronic health records (EHRs) are an important tool for managing information about patients and improving outcomes and processes of care.

Health Information Technology and the Nursing Workforce

Information technology has become a priority in health systems around the country and will be an important resource in any national healthcare overhaul.

Minimum Nurse Staffing Ratios in California Hospitals

In 1999, California adopted historic legislation requiring that specific minimum nurse-to-patient ratios be established for all units in acute care hospitals in the state.

Hospital Unions, Staffing, Wages, and Patient Safety

During the past two decades, there has been a resurgence in union activity in the health care industry in the United States, particularly in hospitals.