Arizona Health Workforce Demand Study

Arizona’s health care employers are facing many challenges in training, recruiting, and retaining an adequate workforce. Healthforce Center researchers supported strategic health workforce planning in Arizona by conducting a multiphase study. Tune in to an 80-minute webinar about the project hosted by Vitalyst Health Foundation. The first phase of the project consisted of a survey of human resources directors in hospitals (infographic), long-term care facilities (infographic), home health agencies (infographic), and community clinics (infographic) to understand current and future hiring needs in Arizona. The survey provided a snapshot of the current situation and identified the challenges faced by health care organizations. In a later phase of this project, employers and leaders of health care organizations in Arizona were interviewed to better understand their expectations and needs for the future. This work will be used to help inform health care providers, education leaders, policymakers, and funders about current and projected workforce needs so that solutions may be identified. This work was done in cooperation with a variety of partners, including the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association, Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, Maricopa Community Colleges, Arizona Alliance for Community Health Centers, Arizona Health Care Association, and the members of the Phoenix Health Care Sector Partnership.

For more information, please contact Joanne Spetz.