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California Improvement Network Announces New Partner Organizations

February 13, 2018

Seventeen health care organizations have been selected as partners for the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF)’s California Improvement Network (CIN). Collectively, these organizations serve or support more than 20.6 million patients across the state – more than half the population of California. This diverse group of health care delivery systems, plans, payers, and quality improvement organizations shapes network activities, builds connections, translates information to action, and encourages others to engage with the network in an effort to improve health care delivery in California. Phase 6 (2018-19) partners:

“CIN fosters new ideas and provides health care leaders with the tools and capacity to implement improvements,” said managing partner Sunita Mutha, MD, FACP, the director of CIN’s program office, Healthforce Center at UCSF. “We are thrilled to work with such a stellar group of organizations and individuals representing a wide swath of our diverse state.” “CIN is one of the only forums that brings together commercial and safety-net provider organizations, health plans, and the institutions that support them such as QI instructional hubs,” said CHCF Senior Program Officer Kathryn Phillips, MPH. “This group breaks down silos and is poised to innovate and initiate change in California’s complex health care system.”

About CIN

Established in 2005, CIN is a community of health professionals committed to identifying and spreading better ideas for care delivery to improve patient and provider experience and the health of populations while lowering the cost of care. CIN also seeks to strengthen relationships across the commercial and safety-net provider and health plan communities.

CIN is a project of CHCF and is managed by Healthforce Center at UCSF.

CIN accelerates the spread of quality improvement innovation through:

  • Connection: Partner meetings, affinity groups, and other opportunities to build and strengthen connections among partners and members to increase quality improvement capacity
  • Learning: Webinars, workshops, and resources that advance knowledge and skills for early and advanced learners
  • Action: Partners and members of the network act on what they have learned and identify and implement quality improvement initiatives

In phase 6 (2018-2019), CIN will focus on three priority areas:

  • Managing financial risk and total cost of care, with a focus on improvements in behavioral health care and support for social needs that impact health
  • Improving the experience of care for patients, providers, and staff
  • Accelerating the pace of improvement and innovation in partner and member organizations

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