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Healthforce Center Faculty Member Beth Mertz

Evolving the Dental Public Health Landscape

February 20, 2019

Healthforce Center at UCSF faculty member Elizabeth Mertz recently presented at an American Institute of Dental Public Health Colloquium. Her talk, entitled Role of Oral Health Workforce in the Health Care Value Equation, focused on the current status of the oral health workforce and changes to dentistry from value-based payment models. 

She explores the following topics in her presentation, which can be viewed below:

  • Drivers, incentives, workforce elements and organizational components of the value equation
  • Key historical elements of the dental-medical divide
  • Organizational design approaches to reorient workers and workflow to the value approach
  • Workforce implications of health care redesign efforts
  • Changing dental workforce models and their impact on the health care value equation
  • Specific case examples of oral health workforce innovations and their impact on improving value


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