Supporting the Future of the Safety Net

CLI alumni applaud

Findings from Cohorts 1–10 of the Clinic Leadership Institute

The Clinic Leadership Institute Emerging Leaders Program (CLI)—a partnership between Blue Shield of California Foundation and Healthforce Center — helped to prepare the next generation of community health center leaders to be effective agents of change, both within their organizations and in the safety net field more broadly.

Alumni graduated from the program between 2008 and 2018
of alumni said their influence as a leader has improved since their participation in CLI.
of alumni said that CLI contributed to their increased commitment to the healthcare safety net.
of alumni continue to work in the community health centers field.

Key Findings from Evaluating CLI

  • CLI has created a wider pool of individuals who are prepared to lead in the safety net field.
  • Organizations have increased capacity, efficiency, and effectiveness because of CLI.
  • Alumni develop and draw on peer and professional networks, leading to strengthened collaboration between organizations and increased involvement, credibility and influence of community health centers at the local and regional levels.


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What’s Next for Safety Net Leadership

As many CLI alumni take up the mantle of leadership at their organizations, they do so with the support of a responsive network of peers. Primed for collaboration, and dedicated to the safety net field, these leaders will carry the confidence, awareness, skills, and knowledge from CLI into their work, exerting their influence as the future of healthcare is debated, shaped, and reformed. Due to the breadth and depth of CLI’s impact thus far, the results and impacts from this network of emerging leaders will likely continue to be seen for years to come.

Featured Testimonial

Clinic Leadership Institute helped bring out the leader in me that I was born to be. I learned perseverance, humility, and found my core values that ground my leadership style. A rewarding journey never to be forgotten.
Gralyn Jacques
Controller, Ravenswood Family Health Center
Clinic Leadership Institute Alumni
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