Policy Considerations for Routine Screening for Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs)


Riti Shimkhada, Jacqueline Miller, Elizabeth Magnan, Marykate Miller, Janet Coffman, and Garen Corbett

Jul 2022

In October of 2021, California mandated commercial insurance coverage of screening for adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) in addition to ACEs screening already covered for the Medi-Cal enrollees. California is the first state to expand ACEs screening coverage, but it is possible other states may follow similar suit. Increase in stress and trauma among Americans and evidence of the disproportionate impact ACEs have on historically marginalized and disadvantaged communities has increased the urgency with which policymakers, clinicians, and researchers have sought to address ACEs and encourage trauma-informed care delivery.

Debate persists on whether the ACEs screening approach improves patient outcomes and avoids harms. In a new article, Healthforce Center’s Janet Coffman and Jackie Miller and colleagues describe the key issues and estimate potential change in ACEs screening utilization and expenditures due to the new mandate.