Implementation of Clinical Decision Support Tools Into a Large Group Dental Practice

The use of clinical decision support (CDS) tools to develop individualized, evidence-based treatment plans is becoming increasingly popular with electronic health records (EHR). The Willamette Dental Group (WDG) is one of the first dental practices to embed CDS in their dental EHR. Two modules were developed and deployed — Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) and Periodontal Management by Risk Assessment (PEMBRA). The caries risk assessment (CRA) and, if appropriate, periodontal risk assessment (PRA) can be used to develop a Proactive Dental Care Plan (PDCP) that is individualized for each patient to provide an assessment of overall oral health. The PDCP also includes a treatment plan for improvement or maintenance of health based on the CAMBRA and PEMBRA protocols.  

This project examines the implementation, dissemination, and acceptance of CAMBRA, PEMBRA, and a PDCP within WDG, which has 53 practices across 3 states. It examines the predictors of successful uptake of CAMBRA and PEMBRA by WDG practices and the acceptability and outcomes of PDCP use by providers and patients.


The Skourtes Institute

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