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The Center for the Health Professions at UCSF Changes its Name

January 28, 2016

New Name Better Reflects Mission of Helping Health Organizations Drive Progress

The Center for the Health Professions at UCSF announced today that the organization will change its name to Healthforce Center at UCSF effective immediately. The new name better reflects its mission to equip health care organizations with the workforce knowledge and leadership skills needed to effect positive change.

“If we want to live longer, healthier lives, we must understand and effectively train health professionals,” said Dr. Sunita Mutha, director of Healthforce Center. “At Healthforce Center, we combine a deep understanding of the issues facing the health workforce with the leadership skills to drive progress, resulting in real-world impact for patients and clinicians across the country.”

To coincide with its new name, Healthforce Center also unveiled a completely redesigned website at and refreshed brand identity that highlights its large portfolio of leadership development programs and research projects. Founded in 1992, Healthforce Center works with foundations, hospitals, delivery systems and organizations on leadership programs and workforce research. The Center also develops customized consulting services for organizations with unique needs and objectives.

“You can make grand designs on how to reduce costs, improve quality, enhance efficiency, improve access,” said Joanne Spetz, Associate Director of Research, “But if you don’t understand the workforce issues in health care, and have the leadership ability to execute change, grand designs rarely lead to grand results.”

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