Community Health Leaders’ Workforce Concerns: Talent and Provider Burnout

By Sunita Mutha, MD, FACP and Jackie Miller

An imminent talent gap and provider burnout are threatening the viability and strength of California’s safety net, according to a newly released Healthforce Center at UCSF survey reflecting on-the-ground responses from senior leaders. One hundred and sixty-one safety net health care leaders across California responded to our survey, which aimed to unearth organizations’ biggest workforce challenges. 

San Joaquin Health Plan CEO Built the Plane as She Was Flying It

Photo: Health Plan of San Joaquin CEO Amy Shin, right, meets with Chief Information Officer Cheron Vail. Photo: Craig Sanders.

Story source: California Health Care Foundation

by Tracy Seipel, Freelance Writer

6 Secrets to Planning a Spectacular Event

by Healthforce leadership staff: Marie Hubbard, Alleysha Mullen and Christina Travlos

Beyond the Exam Room: Social Needs That Impact Health

by April Watson, CIN Managing Partner, Director, Practice Transformation Initiative, California Quality Collaborative

Leadership Alum's Project Continues to Bear Fruit (and Vegetables)

As a fellow in the  CHCF Health Care Leadership Program, Dr. Wei An Lee, an endocrinologist at Los Angeles County+University of Southern California (LAC+USC) Medical Center, developed a medical innovation incubator that aimed to reduce the fragmented care so commonly received by patients with chronic disease. His project contributed to the establishment of a weekly farmers market featured in the video below. 

The farmers market is open to staff, patients and the community at large.

California Improvement Network Announces New Partner Organizations

Seventeen health care organizations have been selected as partners for the California Health Care Foundation (CHCF)’s California Improvement Network (CIN). Collectively, these organizations serve or support more than 20.6 million patients across the state – more than half the population of California.

Slow But Steady: The Growing Numbers of Men Who Choose Nursing

CHCF Health Care Leadership Program fellow Sergio Camarillo, MBA, MS, RN, decided he wanted to be a physical therapist after he learned about the profession at a career day in high school. While taking prerequisite courses for physical therapy in college, he became friends with a man who planned a career in a different health care field: Nursing.

“At the time, that struck me as odd because I saw nursing as a predominately female profession,” Camarillo said.

Exec Leadership Program to have New Cohort

This month, the country’s largest pharmacy, CVS, bought one of the largest insurance companies, Aetna, as part of a $69 billion deal. Though mergers and acquisitions in the commercial sector far outpace those in the safety net and have very different outcomes, health center consolidation will continue at a slow but steady pace, according to Bobbie Wunsch, a partner with Pacific Health Consulting Group and an expert in the restructuring and financing of healthcare delivery organizations, primarily safety net providers.

Q&A: Health Care Not Immune to Gender Discrimination

Each day seems to bring a new story of sexual harassment or abuse of power in workplaces across sectors: Government, entertainment and tech. With a glaring physician pay gap, and countless examples of unconscious bias, health care cannot claim immunity from this disturbing trend. Healthforce Center at UCSF Director Sunita Mutha, MD, FACP, recently shared her thoughts on this issue. 

Q: How would you characterize gender discrimination in the health care workforce? What does it look like?